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Flotation Swimsuits

Baby, Toddler, and Child Flotation Swimsuit

Many flotation swimsuit prints are being discontinued, so get them while you can! 

Meet the big momma of bathing suits! Our baby and toddler flotation swimsuits are jam-packed with durable foam to help your little one float like a bar of Ivory soap!

Of course this doesn't mean that you can slap these cute flotation swimsuits on your kids, cannonball them into the pool, and go grab a strawberry daiquiri!  Baby/toddler flotation swimsuits are designed to help your child learn swimming skills and adapt to floating in the pool, but adult supervision and assistance is important.

Flotation swimsuits are wonderful aids that enhance your child's buoyancy and stability in the water. Non-swimmers such as babies and toddlers feel more secure to be supported by more than an adult's hands. Swimmers will find that flotation swimsuits allow more freedom of movement than arm floats or other bulky inflatables. Check out our selection of baby and toddler flotation swimsuits below!

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