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Little ditty about Jeff and Diane...

Two American kids growin' up in the heartland.  Well....Gator Tots is not exactly in the "heartland", but Ohio is considered the "heart" of the USA!  That's right, Gator Tots is NOT located in Florida and has no affiliation with the Florida Gators (Go Buckeyes!!).  We just happen to think alligators are cute...when drawn as cartoons anyhow. 


Gator Tots is a family operated business owned by me (Diane - a former fourth grade teacher) and my husband Jeff (he has a day job but moonlights as a Gator Tots stock boy).  Our two boys help out with the product testing and are quite handy for photo shoots!  Since 2007, we have offered exceptional customer service and quality products to our customers. 


We do things a little bit differently than the "big guys."  EVERYTHING IS STOCKED AT OUR FACILITY, not drop-shipped.  ORDERS USUALLY SHIP THE SAME OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY and within 2-3 business days for personalized items since WE MAKE ALL CUSTOM ITEMS OURSELVES - woo hoo!  In fact, we have been known to embroider items and have them ready to ship as quickly as a few hours after order placement!

Have a question?  Just email us from our Contact page, and you'll receive a reply (from me!) quickly.   



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Founder, Co-Owner, Customer Service, Embroidery, Printing, Graphic Design, Etc...

Yep, this is me!  I head up the day-to-day operations here at Gator Tots and handle just about anything and everything that my husband cannot help with and clean up everything that my kids try and "help" with!

If you order a personalized item, I'm the one who will custom embroider or print it for you (lickety-split too...usually within a few business days!). 


Co-Owner, Warehouse Manager
A.K.A. The Stock Boy

While his garage and toolbox may be messy, he directs all his organizational energy towards keeping the Gator Tots warehouse neat and tidy.  He's constantly re-organizing the stacks of merchandise that I put on the "wrong" set of shelves and even labels products to make picking and packing orders a breeze.